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20 Awesome Nail Art

Aug. 7, 2010 10 Comments Posted under: Nail Art

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  1. Mostlysasha said:

    Aug. 10, 2010

    I am surprized no ones done nesting doll nails. :)
    I love the golden thumb!

  2. Rebec said:

    Aug. 11, 2010

    woaw these are so cool

  3. Funky Trend said:

    Aug. 18, 2010

    Hello Amy,

    The credit link is given at end. I guess you have missed it. Please check.

    Thank you.

  4. Mztuby11 said:

    Aug. 31, 2010

    your nauls sre off the chane do u do them in chicago

  5. lala said:

    Oct. 15, 2010

    nice one!! :D

  6. arianna said:

    Mar. 30, 2011

    i no im fabu

  7. arianna said:

    Mar. 30, 2011

    im lovin it

  8. arianna said:

    Mar. 30, 2011

    yes i do them in chicago

  9. olga m. said:

    Jul. 21, 2011

    nice work amy. two thumbs up.

  10. lulu said:

    Jun. 9, 2013

    these all look weird or gross. super long nails are disgusting

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