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Plastics can show up in a variety of ways including funky jewelry. Australian designer Liana Kabel found herself drawn to wearable plastic with a retro edge, including baubles fashioned from vintage knitting needles. Liana Kabel makes so funky and colorful jewelry pieces that it would make an awesome gift for a knitter. I love that they are made from recycled knitting needles that she collects from all over Australia.

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Recycled PET Bottles Jewelry

Jul. 1, 2009 2 Comments Posted under: Jewelry

This beautiful jewelry is made from used PET bottles made by designer Gulnur Zdaglar Guvenc.  Ozdaglar creates jewelry and other objects from PET bottles. Most pieces are characterized by the many tiny holes which Ozdaglar individually pierces by hand.
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Cool Denim Jewelry

Jun. 28, 2009 1 Comment Posted under: Jewelry

Along with denim pants and jackets, it’s no surprise denim jewelry is making its debut on the necks of style-savvy ladies the world over. Among the most important jewelry trends spring-summer 2009, highlights the large, massive bracelets and chain barslety with lots of details and finishing of jeans.

Pyrite and citrine-detail denim hoop earrings by  Johanne Mills.

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Color Pencil Recycled Jewelry

Jun. 24, 2009 6 Comments Posted under: Jewelry

Ever wondered what to do with your colored pencils once they get too short to hold?  An artist and  Industrial Designer  Amy Pfaffman links together short bits of colorful pencils to create some really unique jewelry.

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Recycled Bottles Jewelry

May. 24, 2009 No Comments Posted under: Gifts, Jewelry

We’ve seen plastic bottles being converted to Christmas trees and lamps in the past, but Kumvana Gomani’s artwork is nothing short of stunning. The artist converts trashed soda and water bottles into nature-inspired jewelry bearing shapes of snowflakes and crystalline leaves to radiate green chic bling. Drilling small and neat holes through these forms and then joining them together into brilliant shapes finalizes the recycling process.

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This cleverly designed piggy bank looks like a giant key from a computer keyboard, emblazoned with word “Save.”

You won’t be able to type very fast on these keyboard-inspired ceramic cups, but you will be able to enjoy your favorite beverage in them.

Santiago Cantera, a designer from Cordoba, Argentina, has come up with the idea for this cool and geeky looking keyboard inspired digital alarm clock.

The “Keyboard 8 Ring” is an elegant jewel inspired by technology for daily luxury, a modern, non-conformist style that remains forever elegant.

This fashion bag is keyboard  inspired accessory by Portuguese designer Joao Sabino.

It is undoubtedly the most delicious keyboard I’ve ever come across, just the picture makes me want to devour it. It looks so much like a normal milk chocolate bar, only made way ‘geekier’.

Designer Ross McBride has created these whimsical stools which are modeled after the keys on your computer keyboard

This Keyboard Shoe has won an award in the Sports category at the 6th Hong Kong Footwear Design Contest.

Reboot your livingroom with this three pillow set. Light gray pillows look as if they’ve jumped right off your keyboard.

These stylishly geeky cuff links are hand fashioned from old recycled computer keys by Acorn Studios.

Using a couple keys from a spare keyboard, this guy made up his own custom USB memory stick that looks like a computer key.

These are funny key combinations as keyboard inspired jewelry.

Sports car or old beater, shift it in style with a MAC shift key keychain!

The keyboard makes up actual stepping stones for the geekiest (and largest?) monument to the peripheral, seen in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

This is Eraser in the shape of a computer delete key

Wear these stylishly geeky bobby pins, created from everyones favourite keyboard keys recycled from obsolete computers.

This lightweight and stylish keyboard key inspired choker is just perfect for the nerd in your life!

This car is decorated with keyboard keys,true inspiration!

RePlayGround Came up with this very funky office clock with keyboard keys on it.

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