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Angelina Jolie famous tattoos

Apr. 19, 2010 6 Comments Posted under: Makeup, Tattoo

Angelina Jolie is one of the most photographed and most tattooed women in the world. Earlier we posted top 10 celebrity tattoos now here are some of the famous tattooed collection from Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie Know your rights Tattoo

Longitude of where she found her adopted children

Angelina Jolie Sin City Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Tiger Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Dragon Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Arabic Tattoo

Angelina Jolie H name Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Buddhist Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Roman Number Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Cross Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Bengal tiger Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Billy bob Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Death Tattoo

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  1. Samantha B said:

    Apr. 25, 2010

    the tattoo that says “childrens birthdates” is actually latitude and longitude of where she found her adopted children :)

  2. funkytrend3 said:

    Apr. 27, 2010

    Thanks Samantha, it is corrected!

  3. joe said:

    Nov. 8, 2010

    her right arm tattoo in arabic (العزيمة) it means (Determination)
    its nice but i dont know why she used the simple arabic
    i think the designed arabic is way better loks cooler
    idk i like her tattoos

  4. claire said:

    Dec. 9, 2010

    very nice tatto kepp it up i love it all xxx

  5. ELLA said:

    Oct. 23, 2011

    the ugliest legs i have ever seen to an actirce?? talent?0

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