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Funky Trend

Braids Are Back This Summer

Apr. 29, 2009 3 Comments Posted under: Hair

Braids are looking mighty fresh these days. There’s always the Lauren Conrad-esque way of wearing delicate braids pinned back at the sides and recently, we spotted Jessica Simpson, Drew Barrymore, and Nicole Richie rocking the chunky side-braid.

Paris Hilton

Isla Fisher

Kate Hudson

Nicole Richie

Mandy Moore

Jessica Alba

Lauren Conrad

Emmy Rossum

Rachel Mcadams

Jennifer Aniston

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  1. bibi said:

    Oct. 6, 2009

    I loved these braids. they were all nice and funky like the site!! coolioo!! check me out with my braids on my site if it shows you!

  2. Stacy said:

    Jun. 12, 2010


  3. Joliyiahrulz98 said:

    Oct. 18, 2010

    jennerfier is old and the rest is bold

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