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Classic and Stylish Handbags by Deleon

Aug. 18, 2009 No Comments Posted under: Uncategorized

Deleon handbags are by New York based designer Ivette Deleon, surrounded by fashion and influenced by my mother who worked as a sample maker in the fashion district in NYC, which led her to study Art and Fashion. After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology, In NYC with a Graphic Design and Accessory design degree, she began her career as a designer in several companies in the New York City area. Remaining true to her graphic and accessory background, makes her unique.  With her developed knowledge in the design market, she soon decided to pursue her own handbag line which was launched in summer 2004. The materials she use are leather and screen printed fabric designed by her. Ivette Deleon’s designs are timeless and stylish, inspired by modern classic designs. Following pictures shows the great and unique work by the Ivette Deleon.

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