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Funky Trend

Cool Denim Jewelry

Jun. 28, 2009 1 Comment Posted under: Jewelry

Along with denim pants and jackets, it’s no surprise denim jewelry is making its debut on the necks of style-savvy ladies the world over. Among the most important jewelry trends spring-summer 2009, highlights the large, massive bracelets and chain barslety with lots of details and finishing of jeans.

Pyrite and citrine-detail denim hoop earrings by  Johanne Mills.

Denim necklace by Fenton, a perfect melding of fine and fiesty elements gives this multi strand design its character.

Following his Cotton and metal bracelets by Chanel at select Chanel Boutique.

Denim and chain necklace by Fenton at Ikram, Chicag.

This Vintage denim bow is detail gold-plated cuff by Zoë Chicco.

Following Brass and porcelain crystal choker is by Fenton.

Zipper detail denim bangle by Ted Rossi.

This Denim, chain, and shattered glass-detail cuff is by Bella Dawn.

Brass chain-detail denim bangle is by M. Haskell.

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    How can I buy some of this jewelry

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