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Funky Trend

Fun and Funky Hairpins

Feb. 12, 2009 No Comments Posted under: Accessories

When you want to add an extra touch of glamor to a evening dress, or a funky twist to an everyday outfit, try some hair accessories. Hair accessories include: hair combs, hair clips, jaw clips, hairpiece, hair pins, French pins, hair barrettes, hair sticks, hair magnets, hair snaps, etc. They come in different interesting shapes and bead in several varieties and combination.

This is a large bobby pin – for older girl / adult.

Funky little teal and palest yellow hair slides…I think they’re quite pretty

Hair pins, lots of them feature vintage cabs and beads!

These have a little twist. These are hand sewn to the clip backs.

These beaded dragonfly hairpins have iridescent bright blue seed bead wings, iridescent pale blue seed bead tails and bright blue disc beads for bodies.

This is a set of matching flower beaded hairpins! These flowers each have six petals made from iridescent rosy red seed beads, with a center made of an opaque yellow bead. The two leaves are iridescent mint green seed beads, with a stem of crystalline green bugle beads.

Hairpins with the gorgeous red-wine toned crystals. Inspired by the lovely butterfly pattern.

Floral yellow fabric, navy button, lace trim, backed in felt, with a brooch clasp and bobby pin.It look really cute pinned in your hair, on a cardi, skirt or bag.

Adorable silver toned bobby pins with vintage findings.

It’s a butterfly… on a hairpin!

The little bird’s nest hairpin.

Completely handmade and one of a kind and made with new and vintage unused fabrics. Each petal is carefully burnt and holed individually, so there are not two flowers alike.

Very pretty with great colors and nicely tactual.

These are happy lemon hair pins They’re handmade and so happy they’re even blushing!!!They’re totally sweet and sour and will add that burst of bright color to your super cute outfit!

These are funky eyeball hairpins.

Skull on hairpins!

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