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Funky Trend

Funky Button Jewelry

Feb. 18, 2009 4 Comments Posted under: Accessories, Jewelry

This funky bracelet is made with various sized violet buttons, purple fluorite beads and printed floral porcelain beads.

Amazing necklace made with dozens of vibrant multicolor buttons and beads.

Cute bracelet made from loads of plastic matte and shiny red buttons.

This is just the most awesome necklace! Made from loads and loads of buttons of different sizes and bright colors.

This funky short necklace is made from tons of bright orange round, square and flower-shaped plastic buttons.

Cute button earrings made with various sized purple buttons, purple glass chips and black faux glass pearls.

Fantastic collar made with hundreds of wonderful things: Peacock pearls, purple freshwater pearls, vintage teacup charms, jade nuggets, vintage buttons various colors some are plastic wood metal with various designs and embellishments, brass flower charm with purple glass beads, giant wooden beads, plastic faceted beads, chinese long life coins, cast brass bell with pretty bunny and bird design, red coral stone beads, bronze glass pearlized beads, brown plastic faceted beads and proably many many more hiding away!!!

Awesome necklace with lots of vintage and new wood plastic and brass buttons. Necklace also includes wooden and plastic beads and chunky glass faux pearls with antiqued brass bead caps, charms and findings.

Lovely cuff made with vintage and new white and cream buttons. Bracelet is made with copper wire and findings and lobster clasp.

Awesome necklace made with lime green, pink and purple buttons wrapped with copper chain.

Cute little earrings made with red glass beads, vintage buttons with awesome antiqued brass bead caps.

These funky earrings are made from a handful of multicoloured buttons clustered together with silverplated findings and hooks.

This is multicoloured button necklace! This beauty is so ridiculously long it could even be worn as a belt or a sash or be used to tie someone up and do your buttony bidding!

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  1. Jessi Hughes said:

    Oct. 26, 2009

    These are so awesome! Other interesting color combinations would be nice, perhaps moss green and fuschia buttons, with a few gold ones also.

  2. heyheypony900 said:

    Nov. 18, 2009

    woow you like buttons A LOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! BUT ITS SSOOOOOOOOOOO COCCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ieva said:

    Dec. 8, 2009

    It is the greatest diy website i have ever encountered!!!:) perfect, i love it so creative, original, passionate:)

  4. shayvonne smith said:

    Jun. 25, 2012

    I live in the bahamas…and looking for STATEMENT pieces….kindly provide your website for viewing…I supply ORNATE JEWERLY for photo shoots..Looking forward to hearing from you..

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