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Funky Trend

Funky keychains

Feb. 11, 2009 No Comments Posted under: Accessories

This one uses one of my favorite buttons, very glittery and funky!

Funky acrylic printed keychains. made from original artwork.

Truffle Keychains in mint, strawberry, cherry, coconut, caramel and some nutty one!

Alice’s funky keychain. I love ladybugs.

Bold splashy colors and martini, olive and stylized star designs brighten each chunky, funky handmade clay bead. Handmade clay beads with metal split keyring.

Dress up a drab set of keys with a colorful key ring from artist Orna Lalo. Evoking the spring’s fruits and blooms, each keychain features colorful resin beads in appealing textures on prettily tied cord.

Funky Donuts as keychains!

You can now carry that extra cash for the pump with you at all times. Use these funky keychain cases called “KeySaks” to hold your chap stick, lip stick or money when you dont want to carry anything else.

New sweetness key chains made with my trusty button maker.

Dutch wooden clogs keychains to be converted into .. yes.. clogs for Blythe!

These are funky Rainbow Flower Key chains.

This is a set of swirled cupcake keychains with acrylic cherry charms.

This is mix nerdness with building stuff.

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