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Funky Vase Designs

Feb. 13, 2009 No Comments Posted under: Featured

funky vase…kinda crazy colors!!! Wheel thrown white earthenware…hand painted.

This is a rubber vase. The material can give the impression of fragile ceramics but the dazzling colours leave no doubt that this is a funky product great to have at home for those seeking something completely different and modern!

Make a statement with this curvy glass vase. Put a few blooms in one or either end for an absolutely stunning effect. Perfect for a gift.

This is a beautiful vase with Blue, black and yellow stripes swirl there way around the outside of this gorgeous gloss white vase.

Wheel thrown white earthenware…hand painted.

This is the funky fusion green design.

A cute little funky vase!

Bird on a vase, with funky colors!

This is British Studio Glass Vase by Peter Layton at his London Studio.This is one from his ‘Lava Series’.

This vase is made with 7 mesh clear plastic canvas, sharp yarn needles, a little bloodshed and alot of yarn.

Vase from the ‘Blossom’ Series by Peter Layton at his London Glassblowing Workshop.

These gnome vases are made of recycled Iron City pint sized beer bottles and have a crocheted sleeve each printed with their very own gnome.

Bells of Ireland, gerber daisies and a green swirl vase.

Transparent blue art glass vase or candle holder.Beautiful blue with black random lined fused glass vase.

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