Funky Trend

Funky Trend

Have a Funky hair Color

Feb. 14, 2009 4 Comments Posted under: Hair

If you are interested in color hair funky shades, there is a limitless rainbow of options to choose from for the perfect wild look.

Why Funky Color?

From shocking pink to stunning green, there are many different unique hair colors to choose from, but why would you want to adopt such an unconventional shade? There are many reasons to choose a wild, crazy, funky hair color, such as:

1.Trying out a new punk hair style or emo hair style.
2.Creating a unique look for Halloween or a masquerade party without a costume wig.
3.Showing school spirit by changing your hair into school colors.
4.Acting out a dare or bet to create a funky look.

Whatever the reason, there are several different ways to get a new color hair funky shade.

Coloring Tips:

Before adopting a wild new color, consider the following questions:

1.How long will this color last? Choose the best type of coloring agent to meet your needs, whether you want a long term change or just a new shade for an evening.
2.Can I wear this color to school, church, or work? Many places have dress code guidelines that may not permit radical hair colors.
3.Will this color show up in my hair? Brunette hair can be hard to color, while lighter shades can adapt to most any new color.
4.Will this dye react with other chemicals in my hair? Previous hair coloring and frequently used styling products can alter the way a new color appears.
5.Is this product safe to use? Always check for potential allergic reactions and other adverse effects before using coloring agents. The more radical the color, the harsher the product may be.

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  1. Taylor Parks said:

    Mar. 7, 2010

    eww they’re weird i like the first one, aqua blueish

  2. Taylor Parks said:

    Mar. 6, 2010

    eww they’re weird i like the first one, aqua blueish

  3. Blackberry112397 said:

    Jun. 29, 2010

    a lot of hair damage. BUT I LUVE IT

  4. Jamie Marie said:

    Sep. 22, 2010

    Amazing hair…..good job on the first second and third one for sure!!!!!!!!! :D

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