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Latest Cool iPod and Mobile Pouches

Feb. 23, 2009 No Comments Posted under: Accessories

Many people consider their cell phone to be part of their personal style and, like you are doing, they are looking for custom cell phone cases that can say loads about their personality and panache.

This pouch comes with tags, neck strap and ratchet clip. It is made of very fine and durable material. Use for your Apple iPod, other MP3 player or mobile phone.

This is super cute bunny mobile pouch!!!

Sweater Mobile Case now any sweater or pullover design could be knitted in a small size for a cute mobile case design.

This is a Nintendo pouch to protect your cellphone and other little devices.

Cute Craft’s Mobile Phone Covers!!

Fun and trendy pouches from Golla Finland are a great way to protect your phone and look cool at the same time!

This “cotton candy” pouch is pink,fluffy and most original and funky mobile and iPod holder.

This is cute hand made cotton pouch.

Funky girl pouches!!!

They are all made from a plush material and favourite thing is the donut purse because it actually looks good enough to eat! The little chocolate cake is a mobile phone strap.

The Teen spotted little pouch!!!

Cute tomato pouch!!

These hand made pouches are real funk…

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