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Funky Trend

Led Equipped Climate Dress

Jan. 7, 2010 No Comments Posted under: Dresses, Tech

Danish design company Diffus has come up with an LED-equipped Climate Dress that responds to the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by glowing accordingly.the dress is laced with hundreds of tiny LEDs that respond to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Powered by an Arduino Lilypad microprocessor and a carbon dioxide detector, the haute-tech frock uses conductive embroidery to transmit information to the hand-stitched lights, resulting in patterns that range from slow pulses to rapid flashes depending on the concentration of the greenhouse gas. This incredibly designed  dress will react to the air quality and pollution levels by pulsating hundreds of LED lights. While this concept may not be practical enough for mass production, we feel that environmentally conscious fashion like this is certainly progress in the right direction for the creative world.


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