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Unique and Cool Bracelets

Jun. 12, 2009 No Comments Posted under: Accessories

Following iBangle is an iPod inspired self-sizing bracelet for the future, an ambitious design of an audio player that will use wireless technology to send the sound to some fancy ear buds.

It may be a little odd to be wearing a skeleton’s hand around as a bracelet. Maybe you like it because it is morbid or maybe you like it because it makes you feel needed. Either way it is just plain weird.

The goal of this weird looking bracelet was to design a watch that will give the user a perception of time and some sort of experience. The colors rotate on the bracelet, blue/green for morning, yellow/orange for noon, red/purple for evening and night. The bracelet’s surface is a touchscreen and you can set timers by tapping it.

This bracelet is made of recycled floppy diskettes which to be honest, must have been a chore itself to find.  The design is a funky floral style and is sewn on to a cotton band.

This amazing AM-only radio that could be worn as a bracelet, produced back in 1972. It pretty much fits into the technology that we have today and I’d die before I call it retro!

This new LED watch curls around your wrist automatically, a bit like those weird snap-on bracelet thingies that were all the rage a while ago. Time-it’s display is suitably LED-geeky, with several different modes. Strangely its got a rechargeable battery, so it has to lie in its “magic case” to wirelessly charge every now and then.

This neat Tetris bangle bracelet featuring the classic Tetris-style lettering showing a phrase you’re probably familiar with if you play enough Tetris: Game Over.

It is Jewel Bracelet USB thumb drive that features decorative crystals which are tastefully placed all over to provide fashionistas with another method to adorn themselves with some tech. The wrist belt will come in silver or gold colors.

The Bluetooth bracelet vibrates when you receive calls and displays the caller ID’s number so you can decide whether or not you want to fish your phone out of your pocket or bag. If you are too busy to take calls then just press the function button to reject the call, thereby allowing you to pay more attention to your meeting.

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