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Unique and Cool Sunglasses

Aug. 7, 2009 No Comments Posted under: Eyewear

Unique and Cool Sunglasses

Ray Ban introduced this Wayfarer Colorize kit which allows you to customize your shades the way you want. The kit comes with some different color markers and stencils to help you get your own unique look.

This model wears a pair of funky gold glasses, which weigh 111.33 grams and are designed by Chinese designer Zhu Fei, during a gold jewellery design competition in Beijing.

Dutch designer and artist Anna Ter Haar came to my attention because she created some pretty cool unusual “dripping” sunglasses for the runway show of Klavers van Engelen.

These Solar power glasses are Designed by Hyun-Joong Kim and Kwang-Seok Jeong. This design is not only a great way of protecting the eyes, it is also a good way of charging up some gadgets.

This lace covered sunglasses is by Chanel. The lace design must obstruct vision, but they just look really, really cool.

These 1GB wireless MP3 Sunglasses effortlessly bring sunshine and music together. The earphones themselves are super-adjustable and very comfortable, and the sound quality is excellent.

Linda Farrow has always made very unique and sought after sunglasses since the 70’s.  She has decided to relaunch her line of sunglasses and has renamed it Linda Farrow Vintage. This sunglasses is from one of her unique collection.

This unique glasses is from Young German designer studio Bless from Berlin-based creative duo designer  Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag. Instead of glass in these glasses designers used such a “zanavesochki from gold chains to freely kolyshuschihsya walking.

Lego teamed up with French optical company Lynx Optique to create these sweet Lego sunglasses that feature Lego bricks on the sides.

Super Italian brand has released a new model of sunglasses called “24K Gold Mirror Lense” from its line of glasses Wayfarer. These glasses are hand made in the style of 80’s, represented in white or black frame.

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