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Funky Trend

Unique and Technological Necktie Designs

Mar. 22, 2009 No Comments Posted under: Dresses, Gifts, Tech

USB Tie: Always be ready to receive data with this USB tie.

Solar Powered Tie: Researchers at Iowa State University have glued solar panels onto the symbol of male corporate oppression and hooked it up to a Nokia phone, which sits in a handy pocket at the back of the tie.

Photoshop Tie: This tie shows all the activities of photoshop.

Circuit Board Tie: The circuit board pattern is printed on the fabric, but the lights in this design are fully functional and flash in a variety of patterns.

Classic Gaming Ties: Wild Ties makes these neckties in Tetris, Pong, Space Invaders or Asteroids versions so you’re covered whether you’re looking for something colorful, or would rather go with something more minimal and monochromatic.

Spy Camera Tie: With this tie you can record exactly what you see while wearing it. No external power is needed, since it just connects directly to included MP4 media player.

Cat and Mouse Tie: This is a Ralph Marlin necktie. This is a Cat with a Computer Mouse Men’s Neck Tie.

iPod Tie: Commuter tie features a hidden pocket that will hold an iPod Nano, allowing your busy executive to have his hands free to grab a morning coffee.

Guitar Hero Tie: This spiffy Guitar Hero necktie sports a set of colorful fret buttons which you can “play” with any time you like.

8-bit Tie: Stylish Tie looks just like what Mario wore to his high-school graduation.

Earbuds Tie: This Tie makes it look like you have headphones around your neck.

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