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Unique Wooden Jewelry

Oct. 11, 2009 1 Comment Posted under: Jewelry

Award winning Artist and Designer, Anthony Roussel creates beautiful intricate sculptural jewellery inspired by the epic sweep of the British coastline and a passion for modern architecture. Anthony Roussel creates rings and bracelets from wood and cork. He works with layers to create beautiful 3D designs. Anthony Roussel works with other woods, including maple, ash and sycamore. The basic material for all his creations, ranging from rings to bracelets, and the wood, which is shaped and worked by the designer through the software that allow him to create these small sculptures to wear.

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  1. shayvonne smith said:

    Jun. 25, 2012

    L live in the Bahamas…are you PIECES avialble at wholesale prices..

    If you have a website..kindly provide for futher viewing…

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