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Funky Trend

Valentino Rose Handbags

Jul. 8, 2009 1 Comment Posted under: Accessories, Handbags

One of the big trends for spring/summer 2009 is floral prints, particularly big, bold, bright prints, often in acid colours. Since summer is finally here, and it’s put us in the mood for flowers, Valentino SS09 floral pieces caught our attention. The SS09 Valentino flowery bags have three dimensional fabric and leather roses attached. Modern interpretations of flowers in bright colors is a trademark of the Valentino look, and it gives them a ruffly, girly quality that few other brands try to achieve.

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  1. CristianStar said:

    Jun. 8, 2010

    Roses are special flowers and I will tell why(my personal opinion): they are majestic, subtle, royal, dangerous, all of these at the same time… If I would have to offer a more technological description I would say: ALL in 1.

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